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2018 | 09. März, Frankfurt am Main

Retirement Symposium Professor Ulrich Müller


Welcome !
Neurogenetics has achieved much, and among its protagonists some good friends are now gathering from around the world to define where we stand and what should be done next.
We all honour Ulrich Müller, who has shaped this area of science with his projects on XDP, DRD, PSP, ataxia, paraganglioma, and craniosynostosis. He also started the “German Society of Neurogenetics” and later placed it in the hands of Thomas Gasser in Tübingen. In addition, he co-founded the journal “Neurogenetics” and will now be succeeded by Georg Auburger in Frankfurt as editor-in-chief. It will be demanding to step in his shoes and take his endeavours further ahead.
New technical tools are emerging and we understand the interaction of gene variants with environmental stressors much better. Most importantly, some of us are already experiencing the first successes of causal neuroprotective therapy e.g. via antisense oligonucleotides, so we have prepared the field for the next generation.
We hope the meeting will bring experts and students together in moments of brainstorming and of merriment. Frankfurt is easily reached from international locations, is seat of several neuroscience institutes like the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, the University Frankfurt Neuroscience Center, the Ernst Strüngmann Institute, the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Sciences. Let’s enjoy the progress we are making.
The symposium is sponsored by the Goethe University Frankfurt.

Programm der Veranstaltung zum Download: RetirementSymposium_flyer_2018.pdf